The Edge's Chang challenges Auckland pool with skimpy bikini after dress code debacle

The Edge radio station personality Chang Hung donned a revealing bikini to test an Auckland Council pool after a young woman was asked to cover up by a duty manager.

Yvette Harvie-Salter was told her Glassons swimsuit was too revealing and had drawn complaints from mums at the pool, but Chang received no such warning.

"Over the weekend a lady was asked to leave the pool complex because of her swim wear, so this morning @edgebreakfast sent me to the same complex wearing what basically is a g banger and a bra," Chang wrote on Instagram.

"I was not asked to leave or cover up by the staff - think they got scared from all the news over the weekend." 

Harvie-Salter said she felt she had no choice to leave the pool complex, and when she asked for a refund, staff laughed at her.

The Edge Breakfast Show hosts Megan Annear, Dom Harvey and Clinton Randell spoke to Chang from the pool.

"We thought you would only be in the spa minutes before they kicked you out," said Randell.

Chang was allowed to stay at the pool for over two hours, until he left of his own accord.

Rob McGee, head of active recreation at Auckland Council, told Magic Talk the pool would review its dress code policy and has since apologised to Harvie-Salter.

"On behalf of the lifeguard who spoke to the customer and the team at Albany, I would like to offer a sincere apology to the customer," McGee said.

"We are sorry she was made to feel uncomfortable, and the lifeguard who passed on the feedback from other pool users now realises this wasn't the right thing to do."