'Traitors and scum!' - Infowars star Alex Jones filmed in fiery restaurant argument

Alex Jones yells at fellow diners in Texas.
Alex Jones yells at fellow diners in Texas. Photo credit: Twitter / Vic Berger

Footage has emerged of Alex Jones engaged in a rowdy shouting match, resulting in his being forced to leave by restaurant staff.

The controversial Infowars conspiracy theorist has made several notorious claims, including claiming the Sandy Hook massacre was fake, which led to many of the slain children's parents being harassed.

Jones is at Lucy's Fried Chicken in Austin, Texas in the video, where he yells abuse at other diners, labelling them "traitors", "scum" and "libtards".

According to The Daily Mail, Jones was dining with his friend Joe Rogan when he was accosted by people in the restaurant who told him to "eat shit".

A four-minute, seventeen-second version of the video was posted on Twitter by Vic Berger (warning: link contains offensive language).

"You're a bunch of wimps. You're cowards and idiots," Jones yells in the footage.

"People are sick of your shit. They're all Americans. They're not traitors and scum like you."

He squares up to one man in particular, seemingly goading him into a physical fight.

"Come on! Big man, aren't ya? You're the one acting all powerful, huh? You ain't nothing, boy. You don't know jack shit!"

Multiple staff members arrive and escort Jones out of the restaurant alone - without Rogan - but he still insists he was "leaving anyway, you cowards".

Jones has propagated countless inflammatory conspiracy theories, including alleging the US government is secretly controlled by a shadowy international cabal called the New World Order, whose sinister deeds include turning frogs gay and running a child slave colony on Mars.

He has claimed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are literal demons and publicly recently threatened to murder Trump/Russia collusion investigator Robert Mueller, who he also says is an actual demon.

In addition to reporting that the grieving parents of the Sandy Hook massacre victims were 'crisis actors', Jones was also one of the leading proponents of the 'pizzagate' conspiracy theory, which led to a 29-year-old man firing an assault rifle in a Washington DC restaurant.

Jones is currently being sued for defamation by the families of nine of the Sandy Hook victims.