US girl left upset after being told to eat her pet chicken by Saturday Night Live

A chicken
Alora Wood was told by SNL that she should "just eat the chicken". Photo credit: Getty

A young girl has been left upset and angry after Saturday Night Live mocked her disabled pet chicken.

Alora Wood, 10, was told by the popular TV comedy show that she should "just eat the chicken".

The bird, named Granite Heart, was born with a deformed leg and was featured by the show because it is learning to walk with a unique custom wheelchair.

Wood, from the state of Vermont, told NECN-TV that her chicken had just as much right to a happy life as other, more conventional, pets.

"It just felt kinda rude to me. I know it was meant to be a joke but, what if it was a dog?

"Any creature, no matter how big, no matter how small, they deserve to have a perfect life," she said.

Granite Heart was attacked by weasels in 2018 and now lives indoors, walking with the aide of its wheelchair.

Social media has come out on both sides of a debate about whether the chicken does deserve the same life as a dog.