Watch: Patrick Gower braves an ice bath

Cold immersion therapy is supposed to have multiple health benefits - but does it really work?

Patrick Gower took the plunge, to see if submerging your body in ice-water is worth the pain.

On Friday's episode of The Project, cold immersion instructor Nigel Beach said the fad is not something to be taken lightly. 

Beach said if you can push through the burning cold, you will experience better mental health, and better mental clarity as well as an improvement in physical health.

After a bit of training, Gower braved the freezing ice bath.

"I've never seen Paddy so quiet!" said co-host Jeremy Corbett.

After some shouting, some heavy breathing, and some great coaching from Beach, Gower said he experienced some of the benefits Beach talked about.

But would he do it again?

Watch the full video above.