Women gamers better than men - survey

If you want to be a competitive gaming champion, it pays to either be single, unemployed or a woman.

Data collected by esports company Gosu.ai has found just what it takes to win. The Lithuania-based startup - which was founded by a woman - surveyed 5000 Dota 2 players, and found though only 4 percent of respondents were women, they had a 44 percent higher average win rate than men, GamesBeat reports.

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena, a type of game in which players send armies into battle against one another.

Gosu.ai provides an assistant which analyses players' strategies, and suggests ways they can improve. Its survey found male players who don't have jobs, never travel, work out regularly and don't have a degree were able to improve their online rankings much quicker than others.

"This survey offers additional insight - much of it actionable - on what can help gamers go from good to great, or losses to wins," said founder Alisa Chumachenko.

Just how 'actionable' losing your job and partner might be is debatable, but the findings won't do much to end the stereotype of the typical male gamer being a basement-dwelling loser.

Recent surveys have in fact found almost half of all gamers are women. In New Zealand, the figure is 48 percent, and has been for about five years.

And this latest survey suggests they might actually be better.