How trusting herself has set singer Bailey Wiley free

"I am a lot more capable than I thought I was."
"I am a lot more capable than I thought I was." Photo credit: Supplied.

She's feeling relieved and content, Bailey Wiley on the back of her new EP can relax - for now.

Learning to care less and put more trust in herself, this release came with many lessons for the talented vocalist and songwriter both creatively and personally.

"Throughout this project, I've really learned to steer my own ship," Wiley told Newshub.

"It was scary at first but in hindsight it so empowering because this is my creative and through that these creative decisions are my calls."

She's empowered and hopes it comes through in her sound.

"Whether I'm singing about myself or the relationships I have, I've learned that leaning into those vulnerable moments is key."

Her most challenging component came from within, not immune from the commonly heard voice saying 'no' or 'you can't do this'.

Wiley says she's worked hard on herself to fight it, challenging all that she almost believed was stacked against her.

She is proud to represent Hawera, a small town in Taranaki, and wants it to be known that a hometown is just a starting point - not an element that can hold a determined person back.

"I thought small town girls like me don't get opportunities like this but they do if they work hard," she says.

Now that the EP is out, she's moving back into the creative space of getting on stage where she feels "most at home and liberated".  

Looking ahead, there's big projects on the horizon. Some under wraps, but one she can share - new music is on the way.

"I would love to experiment more with my sound and delivery in the future. When it comes to music - I can't stop and won't stop. It's such a massive part of who I am."

She preaches authenticity, it's what keeps her going - the most "raw and powerful" thing she could ever offer.

"I'm now in a space where I'm only making music I love, music that truly reflects moments of the person I am."

In her self-titled EP, she's breaking free from the pocket of RnB she formerly found herself and showing what more she has to offer.  

"I just want the audience to feel 'something' and if my songs resonate with anyone in some way, shape or form, I say that's a job well done." 

In collaborators she's always looking for people who say 'yes' to ideas, and be ready to put their heads down - the types that want to connect and take positive risks.

She says this can be hard to find but when a unique connection with another musician is developed, she nourishes it.

"Creating music should be fun and should manifest in a safe place."  

This time around, she's found help from Tom Scott, Soraya LaPread and ENO X DIRTY’s Manu Walters, the catalogue becoming one to celebrate.

Friends Noah Slee and MELODOWNZ make vocal appearances on a track each, and production credits include ENO, Josh Fountain, HIGH HØØPS and SmokeyGotBeatz.

Her future is looking bright with long and short term goals in focus.

In July, she's headlining a five-date tour around New Zealand and is feeling ready after taking time off performing to finish the EP.

"It's actually okay to take a step back like I did with my music and get yourself right. Fine tune a few things and gain clarity."  

She's encouraging others to do the things that others place doubt on.

"Prove the people wrong that doubted you or made you feel small, because now I've learned, I am a lot more capable than I thought I was."  

Bailey Wiley's tour is on sale now at Under the Radar.