Dancing with the Stars NZ: K'Lee clashes with judges over feedback on 'angry' paso doble

K'Lee went head to head with the judges in a tense feedback session in Sunday's episode of Dancing with the Stars NZ.

After some disappointing comments the week before, she was determined to show off her hard work and talent in a paso doble. Dressed like medieval punks to fit the week's 'rock' theme, she and partner Scott danced up a storm to Imagine Dragons' 'Natural'.

Judge Julz Tocker said the routine was strong and dynamic, and Rachel White agreed - but said that wasn't a good thing.

"That was better than last week - just a tad," she said to boos from the audience.

"I'm all for girl power and fierceness, but there were just too many parts that were too harsh."

K'Lee took issue with Rachel suggesting her dance wasn't as "aesthetically beautiful" as it should have been, and fought back live on air.

"It should be beautiful as in what?" she said. "It's a paso, we were being dynamic with that push and pull power. You said you have to be a professional to get this, I learned this in two and a half days.

"We come out here and we're trying to be dynamic, and I really don't understand the feedback you're giving because I don't know how to put it into context for the next dance."

Rachel held her ground, maintaining that "a paso doble shouldn't be angry".

"You were fierce and I admire that, but it was too much."

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup echoed her fellow judge's criticism that K'Lee's shaping was too harsh, demonstrating proper form with the help of Julz.

K'Lee then said she understood the feedback and thanked the judges.

"No one's saying you're not working hard," Rachel added. "You are and you're doing a good job."

Social media was divided about the confrontation, with some praising K'Lee for standing up for herself while others said the judges were just trying to help her improve.

The pair earned a 6 from Rachel, 7 from Camilla and a 7 from Julz for a total score of 20.

The next episode of DWTS NZ will air on Monday at 7:30pm on Three. The full episode can be watched again on ThreeNow.