Dancing With The Stars NZ: K'Lee explains why she hit back at judge Rachel White

Dancing With The Stars NZ contestant K'Lee has taken to social media to reflect on her uncomfortable argument with judge Rachel White on Sunday night's episode.

The Mai FM radio host fought back when receiving feedback on her Paso Doble - a routine that White described as "too harsh".

When White suggested the dance wasn't as "aesthetically beautiful" as it should have been, K'Lee interrupted, questioning what she meant.

"It should be beautiful as in what?" she said.

"It's a Paso, we were being dynamic with that push and pull power. You said you have to be a professional to get this, I learned this in two and a half days."

K'Lee later penned a lengthy Instagram post addressing the live television stoush, admitting: "it did get a bit full on". 

"I've had time away from the lights and cameras and adrenaline of smashing out a dance routine that I've invested my all into and been able to think through how everything went tonight.

"In the heightened space we were in, adrenaline pumping, it threw me - I was confused and didn't understand, which is why I questioned what Rachel was meaning."

After watching the footage back and speaking with her fellow dancers, the mum-of-four said she felt she'd misunderstood White's comments. 

"I'm all for constructive feedback and I have to respect that she is the world ranking professional and coach."

"I will always ask and question what I don't understand and will take on what was explained to try and do better."

K'Lee's response to the critiques left viewers divided, with some fans congratulating her for speaking up while others saw it as an overreaction.

"She needed to know what that judge was on about, good on her for asking," one Facebook comment read.

"Was constructive criticism, what's wrong with that? Not a personal attack," said another.

Dancing With The Stars NZ airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7.30pm on Monday night on Three. Previous episodes can be viewed on ThreeNow.