Dancing With The Stars NZ: Randell's shirt gets torn in half during saucy Cha-Cha

The Edge radio host Clinton Randell's outfit was left in tatters during a raunchy Cha-Cha on Sunday night's Dancing With The Stars NZ.

Randell and his partner Brittany turned up the heat for 80's week with a dance to 'It's Raining Men,' which reached its crescendo when Randell's shirt was ripped off his body.

The move prompted screams of delight from the crowd, and left host Sharyn Casey somewhat flustered.

"Thank you very much…for doing that!" she told Randell after the dance.

"I thought it was 80s week, but it seems you and Manu [Vatuvei] have decided it's shirts off week!" she exclaimed.

The judges were also impressed by the pair's fifth dance of the competition, each scoring them an eight out of 10 for a total score of 24.

"There were so many good things in there, I don't even know which part to pick out," head judge Camilla Sacre-Dallerup said.

"It was a very sassy and fabulous Cha-Cha."

"It's certainly raining Randell in here, baby!" said judge Julz Tocker.

Randell and Brittany took out the top score for the evening ahead of Monday night's elimination.