Dancing With The Stars NZ: The drinking game the cast has been secretly playing on camera

After being eliminated from Dancing With The Stars on Monday night, Anna Wilcox and her partner Brad Coleman have revealed the boozy way the cast kills time between dances on the show.

Apparently, the celebrities have developed a drinking game to play while watching the show from host Sharyn Casey's booth - and it revolves mainly around the antics of the judges.

"I found out about a game that's been happening in my innocent lovely booth for the last four week, and nobody thought to fill me in on this!" Sharyn said on The Edge afternoons show.

"It's a pretty good drinking game - it's pretty much called the Julz drinking game," Brad explained.

Judge Julz Tocker is famous for his exuberant approach to giving feedback to the dancers, which often involves wild gesticulation and re-enactments.

"As soon as he gets out of his seat, you drink. Every time he demonstrates anything, you drink. Any time Rachel uses three descriptive words, you drink," Brad said.

"That's every single time!" Anna added.

While clearly a good time, side-of-stage drinking may not have done Anna any favours when it came to her elimination dance off against K'Lee.

"I needed to pee so bad! We had been sitting in that booth, drinking champagne and my bladder was so full," she told Newshub during a Facebook Live interview.

"I said to Brad, 'Oh my God, if we're in the bottom two, my biggest fear is going to be peeing myself on national TV.'"

Dancing With The Stars NZ airs live at 7pm Sundays and 7.30pm Mondays on Three.