Dancing With The Stars NZ: Walter and Melissa are the latest duo to depart the dancefloor

Eight became seven on Monday's elimination episode of Dancing With The Stars NZ, as Walter Neilands and Melissa McCallum departed the dancefloor.

It was a tense dance-off between Walter and Melissa and their bottom-two buddies, K'Lee and Scott Cole - but Walter's' "roly-polys and abracadabras" failed to put a spell on the judges. 

A score of 15 on Monday night's Rock Week episode landed Walter and Melissa at the bottom of the rockstar rank, while K'Lee and Scott's scored an average 20 out of 30.

On Tuesday night Walter received harsh critique for their experimental tango, which included a 'magic trick' of Melissa stepping out a circus box after being sawn in two halves. 

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup liked the entertaining opening, but criticised Walter's posture and "messy footwork", saying "there's still a long way to go.''

Julz Tocker was less than impressed with the theatrical tango. "I said clearly last week I don't want to see flips... I just want you to really work harder at the dancing."

To sum up Rachel White's criticism: "You just don't seem to be improving enough each week." 

Although the judges admitted both duos danced better in their dance-off than in their original performances, both Rachel and Julz voted to keep K'Lee in the competition - meaning it was a wave goodbye to Walter.

In the words of Julz: "Less backflip, more base!"