DWTS NZ Judge Rachel White defends K'Lee critiques after awkward clash on live TV

Dancing With The Stars NZ judge Rachel White has doubled down on the feedback she gave K'Lee which prompted an awkward argument on live TV.

After hearing that her paso doble wasn't aesthetically beautiful enough, K'Lee hit back, asking White: "It should be beautiful as in what? It's a paso, we were being dynamic..."

What followed was an uncomfortable stoush in which the pair repeatedly interrupted one another, as K'Lee said she didn't understand the feedback.

K'Lee later admitted on social media that the adrenaline of the environment meant things had gotten "a bit full on" and that she may have misunderstood the comments.

"My job is to judge dancing and give feedback. I am a qualified professional, I have a duty to the dance world... I have dedicated my entire life to this," she wrote, tagging K'Lee.

"If you ask me what I mean, give me a chance to answer, please."

White systematically addressed the points K'Lee had argued, including her assertion that her dance had shown the "push and pull power" required for a paso doble.

"Thank you for trying to "educate" me... good for you."

At one stage, K'Lee told White she had learned the routine in about two days, reminding her she wasn't a professional.

"I don't know what the point is of mentioning you had 2.5 days. I'm sorry that those are your circumstances. There is a week between shows."

White concluded that she thought K'Lee was "wonderful", adding that she would always be on her team "where she could".

Monday night's episode saw K'Lee in the bottom two, where she survived elimination by beating Walter Neilands in the dance-off.