Emerging Kiwi artist to follow in musician father's famous footsteps

Emerging Kiwi artist to follow in musician father's famous footsteps
Photo credit: Red Bull

Soraya LaPread has recalled the moment she realised how famous her father was.

A bass player and writer of the hit 'Brick House', Commodores band member Ronald LaPread left the States for New Zealand, where his daughter was raised and become a music producer and DJ.

She was about six years old when the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, came to New Zealand.

"We went to the lobby of the hotel before he [Jackson] was supposed to leave for the show," she said. "There was heaps of people there."

"Michael Jackson comes down the stairs, and he's walking through the lobby, and then he looked at my dad, and he ran over to my dad and was like 'Ron! What's up?!"

Little did Soraya know, the Commodores' first tour was with the Jackson Five. Michael was eight years old.

"I got the best picture ever [with Jackson] that I still flex on Instagram every year when it's Michael Jackson's birthday," she said.

"I knew my dad had played music and stuff but I remember staring at him three or four days later - and I was like 'Dad, everyone in the world knows Michael Jackson, but Michael Jackson knows you'."

The pair will perform together at Red Bull Presents: Years Gone By - an intergenerational music showcase in Auckland and Wellington in the coming weeks.

In an Instagram plugging the gig, Soraya wrote "finally get to play a show with my bestie".

Troy Kingi, Julien Dyne and Tom Scott will also take to the stage at the showcase on May 17 at Hopetoun Alpha.


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