Game of Thrones finale: How to protect yourself from spoilers

It's the final Game of Thrones day. After eight long years, it's all coming to an end.

In New Zealand, the finale airs at 1pm on Monday - an awkward and uncomfortable time for many people, smack-bang in the middle of the work day.

But how can you avoid spoilers during those long hours where you're waiting to get home and watch it yourself?

Here are Newshub's top tips.

Blacklist, mute, filter!

To truly protect yourself, you need to hide more than just the obvious "Game of Thrones" or word "spoilers".

Add in every single major character. Add in every major location. Add in every key word you can think of about the show and its plot.

That way even if someone refuses to tag their spoilers, you'll still be safe.

How to mute keywords on Twitter

If you're on mobile, tap your profile picture on the left and tap 'Settings and Privacy'. Go to 'Content preferences', 'Muted', then 'Muted words'. Add in all of your keywords.

If you're on the desktop, click your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen, then 'Settings and Privacy'. Go to 'Muted words' on the left and add all the words you need.

Twitter's mute function completely hides tweets with these words - it's like it never existed.

Install a spoiler-blocker extension

Game of Spoilers is a free-to-download Google Chrome extension that will hide or black out Game of Thrones-related content, based on which setting you prefer.

It'll look at Google News, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit so you can browse in relative safety.

Stay off social media

It's the easiest tip but there's a reason why it's the last one. It's completely unrealistic.

Sometimes you need to go on social media for your job. Sometimes you just like seeing what your friends are up to.

While it may not be super practical, if you're really worried about spoilers, this is the safest solution - just turn off your phone and wrap yourself in a cosy bubble of the offline world.

Enjoy your TV show, folks.