'It broke me down': Another Jeremy Kyle guest speaks out on extreme distress following show

Warning: This article discusses mental health issues and may be distressing to some readers.

Another guest who featured on now-defunct Jeremy Kyle Show has opened up about the mental suffering she says she endured after her appearance.

Dawne Mair said she asked producers to cut the segment - in which she found out she was pregnant - as she felt things between her and her partner had gotten "too personal".

Speaking to The Mirror, Mair alleged producers refused, and she was left feeling depressed, as well as receiving death threats and taunts from trolls online.

"They still aired it and it actually made me suicidal," she said.

Last week, UK broadcaster ITV permanently axed The Jeremy Kyle Show after a guest called Steven Dymond was found dead a week on from his appearance. 

Mair, who appeared on the show several times, was branded a liar by Jeremy Kyle when she failed a lie detector test over cheating allegations. Dymond also failed a test, and was reportedly left "sobbing and distraught" by the results.

"It broke me down, and made me feel like absolute rubbish," Mair  said of her experience.

"I got inboxes saying I should 'go die', I'm 'not wanted' and 'I'm 'a mess'."

The 25-year-old mother said she felt the aftercare provided to guests was insufficient.

"They ring you one day after the show to ask you if you're okay," she fumed.

"You never hear from them again, unless they turn around and want you to get their ratings up."

A spokesperson for ITV insisted the programme had "significant and detailed duty of care processes in place for contributors."

Host Jeremy Kyle also released a statement saying he was "utterly devastated by recent events" following Dymond's death.

Mair's account is one of many allegations of a similar nature that have surfaced from guests and crew since The Jeremy Kyle Show's cancellation.

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