MAFS AU bride Jessika admits to $25k of surgery since breaking up with Dan

Married At First Sight Australia bride Jessika Power has revealed she's had at least $25,000 worth of cosmetic work done since the show finished, and she's planning on getting much more.

The 26-year-old, now infamous for her affair with fellow participant Dan Webb, was often targeted by fans for her fake teeth and enhanced lips. Since the show, however, Jess has only been driven to undergo more procedures - including a brow lift, Botox and facial filler. 

Jess and Dan shook the show when they coupled up behind their original partners' backs, going on to become a bona fide couple in the experiment. The romance later crumbled under public pressure, culminating in a horribly awkward fight on live television before the pair called it quits.

"I've spent the past two weeks trying to really pull myself out of the dark place I was left when Dan and I split," Jess wrote on social media.

"I've felt sad and alone a lot also but I'm picking myself up and I've learnt to take each day slowly and not rush."

Speaking to NW magazine, Jess says she's put herself through "lots of pain", but that it's all been worth it in order to change her appearance.

"The brow lift I had done because I suffer from bags under my eyes... I think I always looked tired on MAFS," she explained.

"I also got Botox in the forehead and in lines across my head from sun exposure, then I got the smallest amount of filler in my cheeks.

"It's done wonders. I was losing volume in my face on the left-hand side, so it looks more even now. The value of the work I've had done is probably around $25,000."

Power added that next on the list was a "non-surgical nose job" to fill in a dip at the end of her nose, as well as lipo-sculpture and a Brazilian butt lift.

"I know I don't have the willpower to exercise my problem off - I only went to a gym once when it came free with a Foxtel membership and I hated it!" she said.

Thinking ahead to the future, Power has anticipated she'll want a breast lift and implants after having kids - at least six, if she can afford it.