Mike McRoberts eliminated from Dancing With The Stars

Mike McRoberts signed off from Dancing With The Stars, after he was eliminated from the show on Monday.

The Newshub newsreader couldn’t better his co-presenter Sam Hayes, who won last year’s competition.   

It was 80s week on the show and McRoberts reminisced about the time he thought of himself as the "Miami Vice of Christchurch."

With their faces painted with a 1980s glam-rock, glittery stripe, McRoberts and his partner Kristie Williams danced the Tango to the Eurythmic’s Sweet Dreams are Made of This.

At the end of the dance, Judge Julz Tocker wasn't impressed and his put down was savage.

"I don’t know if that was a sweet dream or a nightmare," he told McRoberts, to boos from the audience.

The other judges Rachel White and Camila Sacre-Dalerup were more generous in their comments, saying McRoberts had improved. But it was not enough to save the veteran journalist.  

McRoberts and Williams then faced a last-place dance-off against William Waiirua and Amelia McGregor.  

It was not to be McRoberts’ night and all three judges were unanimous in their decision that he had to go.

He said the experience had been fantastic and thanked Williams.

"I am so proud to have danced with her," he said.

His mother was in the audience and he joked she could tuck him into bed and read him a bedtime story.

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