Photo of 6yo 'crying himself to sleep' after Avengers Endgame goes viral

A photo of a young child crying after watching Avengers: Endgame has gone viral after it was shared on Twitter.

Mike Bartlett posted the picture of his six-year-old son having an emotional moment in bed surrounded by Iron Man toys and tagged actor Robert Downey Jr, who plays the superhero.

"My son is distraught! Crying all the way home from the theater! Wanting to sleep with as much Iron Man things as possible! Literally crying himself to sleep!" he wrote.

"I never imagined I'd have to explain why this happened to my son! My son kept crying 'I want him to come back!' 'I want to see him again!'"

It's sparked a wave of sympathy for the child, with many others saying they cried after watching the film.

"This is heartbreaking," one person replied. "I'm so much older than you, still I left the theater crying all my way home too and I even cried days after (I watched it April 24th). I'm sending you a big hug, pal - you're not alone in this."

Another said they wanted to start a petition to get Iron Man to visit the boy.