Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's savage Game of Thrones burn on Bill English

Former Prime Minister Bill English might have retired from parliament - but his infamous spaghetti and pineapple pizza is still a point of topic, even with the current PM.

In 2017, English showed off his cooking skills with the creation - much to the disgust of many.

More than two years later, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern took her opportunity to get another one up on her former opponent, when she was questioned by The Project about Monday's Game of Thrones finale.

"I think even if I had a spoiler alert, I think that would be the end of my political career. It's worse than spaghetti on a pizza," Ardern said, followed by laughter from the audience.

The Project panel were quick to comment on the Prime Minister's roast.

"I think she [Ardern] was kind of a slayer of former Prime Minister Bill English there," host Kanoa Lloyd said.

Though, English might be having the last laugh. Domino's pizza announced last week it was adding his creation - the Hawaiian Spaghetti pizza - to its menu for a limited time.

"We did it New Zealand," English said on Facebook. "Overseas, they said it couldn't be done. But the proof is in the pineapple."

On Monday, the biggest TV show of our time - Game of Thrones, came to an end. After eight seasons over eight years, the series finale aired at 1pm NZ time.

If you haven't yet watched the finale, you can read Newshub's guide to avoiding spoilers here.