Rapper Kings takes away four Pacific Music Awards as an independent artist

He left school at 17 to pursue his dreams.
He left school at 17 to pursue his dreams. Photo credit: Supplied

As an aspiring musician from the time he left school at 16-years-old, Kingdon 'Kings' Chapple Wilson doubted he would get to where he is today.

"[I doubted] all the time - throughout my whole career there's been a bit of doubt," he told Newshub.

"You never write to be successful - and then when you have a song that finally picks up it's kind of game time from that."

The song he's referring to is 'Don't Worry Bout' It', which was the longest running number one single of 2017.

It was probably a big part of the reason why he bagged four wins at the Pacific Music Awards (PMA) in Auckland on Thursday night, adding to his already impressive haul.

He said his journey to where he is now had happened so fast.

"It was really quick for me - I had to learn so much so fast.

"It was awesome, but it was definitely like [going] from zero to hero."

But it wasn't all smooth sailing. Becoming a single father in his late teens, he had many challenges to overcome.

"At the very beginning I guess it was hard to see out of that," he told Newshub.

"It took a lot of belief in myself and close family to keep my head up, and keep me moving forward."

And that belief led him to realise he had a gift.

"The passion from when I was 16 to where I am now has been the driving force in everything."

He now puts his success down to his daughter, despite early challenges of being a single father.

"She's the reason I get up now," he said.

He said the nights staying up until 3 or 4am have all been worth it.

And he's far from done yet. He's recently formed a production company, and wants to make a film to tell his story. He said some new music was on the way as well.

For now, he's enjoying another proud and successful moment at the PMA's.

"Especially as an independent artist - to take away four is a dream come true.

"If there's anything I could say - if I can do it, I'm pretty sure anyone could."