Review: Poms is inoffensive with a shallow story

Having made billions at the worldwide box office, it's likely you have already seen Avengers: Endgame.

But there are other options at the cinema this Mother's Day, including Poms, starring Oscar-winner Diane Keaton as a cheerleader in a retirement home.

The whimsy of Keaton is the glue while Aussie firecracker Jackie Weaver is her sassy offsider in a comedy aimed fairly and squarely at the older generation - and at the heart.

Keaton's Martha is a new inmate at SunSprings and when she meets her initially quite annoying neighbour Sheryl they soon bond and before you know it they are on a mission to mess with the establishment.  

Which in this case means setting up a cheerleading squad.

Retirement home humour of course abounds as this group of unlikely women find friendship and a new zest for life with a few injuries on the side.

I love the premise and I love the story it's trying to tell - a story told a little too shallowly told to truly connect in any real way with audiences.  

Inoffensive and well-meaning, the performances elevate it but don't entirely save it.

Two-and-a-half stars.