The Project: Ryan Bridge admits to making a 'very expensive' mistake in Kanoa Lloyd's home

Newshub reporter and Magic Talk host Ryan Bridge made an 'interesting' first appearance on TV3's The Project, admitting to New Zealand on last night's episode that he had broken Kanoa Lloyd's "very expensive" stove.

"It's my first time on The Project so I'm nervous - but not because it's my first time on The Project, I'm nervous because I'm sitting next to Kanoa," a suitably ashamed Ryan confessed during the show's introduction. 

Ryan's heated encounter with the stove allegedly occurred while he "house-sat and dog-sat" for Kanoa over the weekend.

"Things were going so well, we were getting along so well," Ryan said about his budding relationship with Kanoa's dog, Brownie.

"Then it was dinner time. Then I went to the kitchen. And this happened."

The evidence is then plastered across the screen - a severely shattered stove.

"I just wanted to say in front of the whole country, Kanoa, I'm so sorry - I broke your stove. And it's going to cost a lot of money to fix. I promise I will get the bill."

Kanoa wasn't mollified.

"Yeah, I know - you will," she said.

Not entirely satisfied with his admission, Kanoa took the opportunity to tell the whole country how the stove-shattering culprit destroyed her kitchen.

"Ryan sat on my stove.

"I'm pretty confident that was my Maori ancestors coming down and telling you off, boy, for sitting on the bench.

"...And welcome to the show."