Twitch streamer posts Christchurch attack video

Popular video streaming platform Twitch was sabotaged over the weekend by trolls posting banned content, including video of the Christchurch massacre.

Digital card game Artifact has become one of Twitch's least popular games, with streams of it often attracting no viewers at all.

Artifact's unpopularity has become something of a joke, with users posting memes and other unrelated content in broadcasts masquerading as the game. Pranksters launch streams and tag them as being related to Artifact, leading to an artificial spike in the game's views.

But during Memorial Day weekend in the US, people began to upload darker content in their fake Artifact streams.

On Sunday (local time), one user streamed raw, uncensored footage of the Christchurch terror attack, which is illegal to share under New Zealand law.

Vice reports other users left hateful comments about Muslims on the stream. Newshub understands it was watched more than 3000 times before it was removed.

The channel that posted the stream is no longer available on Twitch.

Since the March 15 attack, social media platforms have struggled to contain the spread of the banned video, which was repeatedly reuploaded in the wake of the massacre.

Other illegal streams included pornography and pirated footage from the latest season of Game of Thrones.