Watch: The Rock's Bryce Casey's emotional interview after bowling for 58 hours

This article discusses suicide and mental health.

The Rock radio host Bryce Casey has finished a mammoth bowling session for charity.

He has been bowling for 58 hours to represent one minute for every Kiwi who tried or succeeded in taking their life in 2018.

At least 3500 New Zealanders attempted suicide last year, which is more than 10 a day.

Immediately after he finished, Casey necked a beer and went straight on air to talk to the other Rock hosts.

"How are you feeling big fella?" asked co-host Roger Farrelly.

"Let's keep going!" replied a breathless Casey.

Casey raised over $315,000 for Mike King's I AM HOPE foundation.

When he realised how much he had raised, he teared up.

"That works out to be two and a half thousand hours that you are providing young New Zealander's with free counselling," co-host Andrew Mulligan told Casey and the waiting crowd.

Casey had an emotional message for his co-hosts about what he has learnt about pain during his marathon bowling session.

"What I've learnt during these three days [of bowling] on such a basic level is that pain sucks when you're going through it, but it doesn't last….in a weird way that really symbolises exactly what we've been trying to do this whole way through. I wanted to quit that whole way through and I didn't and that's why I'm doing it because I don't want people to give up," he said.

Then, Casey began to tear up again. 

"So this is for anyone who's lost a mate," he said through tears

"Or lost a family member. If you're battling, it's alright because lots of people battle. And there is a way to get help. And thank you to everyone."

Watch the moment his 58 hours ended above.

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