YouTube star Shonduras ridiculed for video showing wife's 'near-death' fall off a cliff

YouTuber Shonduras has been slammed for uploading "melodramatic" footage showing his wife "falling off a cliff" in order maximise views.

Shonduras , AKA Shaun McBride, titled the video "JENNY FELL OFF THE TRAIL... scary moment for our family".

The clip came with a warning about disturbing footage, and began with the YouTube creator and his wife tearfully recounting what they described as a "near-death experience".

"I literally thought I was going to die," Jenny McBride sobbed.  

"I'm lucky to be here and not even have a broken bone, just a really, really sore body."

Upon witnessing the incident, however, Shonduras' 1.6 million subscribers were left more amused than afraid for Jenny's life.

The clip shows Jenny slip off a path and tumble down a slope before landing heavily on the beach below. Shaun screams out, running down to check on his wife while his camera continues to roll.

Apart from a few bumps and scrapes, Jenny was unharmed, and was able to continue the walk with her family.

"She was super blessed by landing one a small section of beach that was sandy, instead of on the lava rocks that surrounded her," Shaun wrote in the video description.

The couple also filmed their family's reactions to the clip, urging fans to use Jenny's experience as "motivation to make every single day the best day ever and make life the best ever, because it can just change like that".

"Unexplainable what I felt throughout my entire body the moment it happened," Shawn added on Instagram.

"The next 10 minutes was a rollercoaster of fear then gratitude then tears then concern then an unbelievable happiness."

What the couple likely wasn't expecting, however, was for Jenny's tumble to become internet fodder for a raft of meme-makers, all poking fun at the dramatic re-telling of the misadventure.

"Please. My wife. She fell off a cliff," one Twitter user captioned a photo of a raccoon holding a kitten.

"Please be with me and my family during this trying time. My wife fell off a cliff and then exploded," another wrote.

Shonduras has disabled comments on the YouTube video.