YTMND, one of the earliest meme websites, has shut down

YTMND, one of the earliest meme websites, has shut down
Photo credit: YTMND/Screenshot

One of the internet's first meme sites has shut down, after almost two decades of content.

You're The Man Now, Dog or YTMND became unavailable to access on Monday. 

The news spread quickly on Twitter, with people mourning the loss of their childhood memes.


The site was known for user-generated content. Standalone pages were filled with a singular or tiled image, overlaid with a humorous caption. Often, the images would have a music file playing over them. was first registered by founder Max Goldberg on April 1 2004. The site name is a reference to a line spoken by Sean Connery in the 2000 film Finding Forrester.

YTMND gained huge popularity in the mid-2000s. Despite the advertising problems that came with sometimes hosting offensive content, the site made a profit. 

Goldberg stopped actively working on the site in 2014, but the site kept ticking over until this week.

"Besides being a time capsule I don't really see a reason for it to continue to exist," said Goldberg in a 2016 interview with Gizmodo.

"I've moved on too. I don't have much interest in the site beyond it being good memories."

The threat of YTMND closing down spurred the Internet Achieve to preserve a full copy of the site. It will soon be available on their website, so those who are nostalgic for memes of yesteryear can reminisce.

Goldberg shared the archive news on Twitter, seemingly confirming the shutdown.