50 Cent mocks Kiwi Mongrel Mob member's facial tattoo on Instagram

US rapper 50 Cent has launched a stinging attack on a Kiwi Mongrel Mob member's tattoo.

Puk Kireka spoke to NZME about his huge black and red facial tattoo, which spells "notorious", last week, saying it would be a challenge to find employment.

"I know it will be hard to get a job with my tatts," he said.

The rest of the story focussed on Kireka's journey out of an unhealthy lifestyle and meth addiction to playing rugby in the Hawke's Bay.

Kireka said he would always be a member of the Mongrel Mob, but he wants to show a healthier lifestyle for his fellow gang members.

Puk Kireka
Photo credit: Facebook/Puk Kireka

UK newspaper The Sun published an article based off Kireka's interview with NZME, headlined that the gang member "moans he can't find a job".

50 Cent has since posted a screenshot of The Sun's article on Kireka to his 23.2 million Instagram followers and sarcastically expressed surprise at the Kiwi's situation.

"What the f**k is really going on man. I wonder why he can’t get a job," the rapper wrote, adding a facepalm emoji.

It's not the first time 50 Cent has mocked people on Instagram, he made headlines in April for lashing out at imprisoned rapped Tekashi 6ix9ine.

The since-deleted Instagram post joked about Tekashi 69 snitching on his co-conspirators in exchange for a reduced sentence in jail for his role in a violent gang.

He's since been labelled a "rat" and nicknamed "Snitch9ine".