Awkward Prince Harry, Meghan Markle viral video sparks speculation

An awkward video of the royal family at the annual Trooping the Colour is going viral as the internet speculates whether it shows Prince Harry demanding Meghan Markle faces forward.

The event was held last week and marks Queen Elizabeth's official birthday with a parade of soldiers, horses and musicians.

Just before the national anthem began, while most members of the royal family had their eyes forward towards where the procession occurred, some eagle-eyed viewers spotted an interaction between Harry and Meghan.

Publications around the world, including MailOnline which quotes a 'lip-reading expert', claim the clip shows an irritated Harry telling his wife to "turn around".

It is protocol for the royal family to  look forward while the national anthem is playing.

One tweet speculating about the message, with a video of the incident attached, has been viewed nearly 100,000 times.

"Good for Prince Harry in telling his wife Meghan to 'turn around' twice... she looks like she's about to cry and not happy about it. She needs to be more responsible to Harry," one woman wrote.

But while some users say it suggests Meghan's lack of etiquette, others online believe the moment has been blown out of proportion to vilify Meghan.