Kiwi actor Manu Bennett charged with indecent exposure after performing naked haka at UNESCO heritage site

Romanian police have filed a criminal complaint against a Kiwi actor who performed a naked haka in a UNESCO world heritage site.

Manu Bennett, known for roles in Spartacus, Arrow and The Shannara Chronicles, visited the ruins of fortresses in Sarmizegetusa Regia and said he was inspired by its "spiritual resonance".

Another tourist captured the extent of this inspiration, as Bennett ran topless towards one set of ruins, before disrobing entirely and performing the 'Ka Mate' haka.

Bennett posted about his experience on his Instagram profile and apologised to security guards at the site.

"My sincerest apologies to the security guards who were momentarily alarmed when I broke out the haka to unite, or perhaps reunite, the spirit of the Maori with the Dacians."

However, his apology has not impressed local authorities who have now issued a charge of indecent exposure against Bennett, according to local website

It's unclear how Bennett could be apprehended though as he's now left the country after only travelling there to appear at the eastern European edition of Comic Con.

This is not the first time Bennett has stripped to perform a haka at an ancient European area, with evidence of at least two other instances in Iceland and Switzerland.

"I felt such a huge wave of energy & connection when allowing myself to fully commit to the haka & try to connect to the energy of the past," Bennett wrote on social media after another naked performance in Dynjandi, Iceland.

Bennett's posts have inspired both encouragement and criticism from fellow Instagram users.

"So glad you are visiting our country. I hope you enjoy it at the most, and come back again for more," one reply read.

"Thanks for sharing this with us, this is a very spiritual place and he wanted to honor the Dacia by doing a haka to bring two cultures together. He did the same in Switzerland," another commented.

"I admired you a lot Manu. I still admire the Māori people and the haka tradition, however the fact that you did it naked in this sacred place denotes a lack of respect to us as Romanians and to our ancestors as well," a more concerned observer noted.


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