Live Updates: Dancing With The Stars NZ 2019 Grand Final

Tonight is the night! The Dancing With The Stars NZ 2019 finale is going down, and we'll be keeping you up to date with who's in, who's out, who's wearing the most body glitter and, of course, who will take out the coveted glitterball trophy. 

Keep refreshing the page for the latest updates. 

The Dancing With The Stars finale begins at 7pm live on Three. 

8:59pm: Tears are streaming, a literal truckload of confetti has been dumped on the studio - dancing was the winner at the end of the day! It's all over!

I'll be chatting to Manu and Loryn in a special live interview on Newshub's Facebook page tomorrow morning at 10am, where I'll spend the entire time trying not to cry. See you then! 

Everyone grab yourselves several boxes of tissues, Manu and Loryn are the Dancing With The Stars NZ champions for 2019!

8:54pm: Guys, the moment is upon us! The atmosphere is even more intense than judge Rachel's blue contacts.

A winner will be announced in mere moments.

8:50pm: Newshub's own Sam Hayes and Mike McRoberts are here!

Sam, who took out the competition last year, says everyone should be super proud of themselves.

Mike says he's just glad he won't have to see the glitterball trophy on Sam's desk at work anymore.

"Yes, you won, I didn't!" he says. I hate it when Mum and Dad argue!

8:37pm: "There was only one woman through to the final, and I thought we can't have that - let's have nine!" Laura explains of all her Brazilian back-up dancers.

Rachel says the whole thing was "amazeballs", which apart from being a hilariously outdated catchphrase, is true.

Of course, three 10s for Laura and Shae's final dance. Someone from the audience shouts out "11!" which that performance totally deserved.

8:33pm: Laura is the absolute definition of a triple threat - she cuts shapes like no one else, her presence and performance skills are out the gate (and letting all the alpacas out) and she even RECORDED THE TRACK SHE'S DANCING TO RIGHT NOW. I'm sorry for yelling, but she rapped, for goodness sake.

She finishes off with a deathdrop, the same move that left us all shooketh from the moment we saw it on the DWTS promo before the show even started.

8:25pm: The judges are handing out 10s like they're halftime orange slices at a ripper rugby game.

It's Manu's first ever perfect score, and a well-deserved one at that.

8:21pm: Right, down to the business of finding a winner. Two more dances, no restrictions on which style, how many lifts, or how much skin is on show.

Oh my god, Manu just hoofed a rugby league ball at the judges. This could only happen in New Zealand.

Guys, he even choreographed the whole dance.
"I just wanted to showcase my struggles through league, and then finding something that made me happy," Manu explains through tears.

Julz can't believe it. None of us can.

8:14pm: Walter nodding encouragingly in the background as Randell and William thank everyone is probably the most wholesome thing on television right now.

8:10pm: Manu is blinking back tears, I can't cope. In all seriousness, watching this man wear his heart on his sleeve in front of the nation week after week has been so important and refreshing to see - take that toxic masculinity.

8:07pm: A gasp sweeps over the media room, Randell and Brittany are out! Julz even said he had the best technique! Arguably the best painted on abs, too! Can't believe it.

8:05pm: Two couples are about to get the boot, and I'm not talking about those Cuban heels everyone loves so much.

William and Amelia have taken out fourth place in the competition, which also means they're now out of the running.

7:58pm: Camilla the head judge has come out of retirement to do a jive with Julz, whose shirt is hanging on by a thread.

They're 'shaking it off' to a Taylor Swift banger with a level of energy that's honestly a little confronting.

This is how the pros do it!

7:51pm: It's William's turn, and before he reprises his hip hop number to 'Boogie Wonderland', he's stopping in at Reuben's cafe for a quick cuppa. I recently saw William outside that same cafe and absolutely panicked in his presence, yelling 'HI!' in his face as if I knew him. Ah, memories, right Willy? Anyway, he's killing it, as usual.

After the dance Dai suggests the social media sensation has only recently learned to move his hips. "Do your homework," William retorts.

I can't tell if they're kidding or that was some pure, unfiltered sass. The tension is palpable, I love it.

"Sharyn's sitting in the limb of a pohutukawa tree!" Dai exclaims untruthfully, and for no reason at all while sending the dancers away. Obviously she wouldn't be scaling any native trees in that lavender dream of a gown.

Yet another perfect score of 30 for the fourth performance of the night. Manu's the only one that missed out on full marks so far, that's got to sting a little. 

7:43pm: Social media is absolutely lit with support for Randell, even if it's driven by how cute his kids are.

I don't believe that's the right use of the word 'lit', but that's beside the point. The Twitter kids love that radio host. 

7:36pm: Wait, nevermind, everyone is pretty much sobbing.

"It felt like my heart was singing," says Camilla.

"I think you're a slice of heaven," adds Julz, sliding in with a dope Dave Dobbyn reference while also being cute as hell.

A completely unsurprising perfect score for Laura and Shae because... duh.

7:31pm: Laura is doing the Viennese waltz - which scored the pair their first 10 in rock week, but in a cruel twist of fate, saw them in the bottom two.

Last week her paso double made Julz jump on the judge's desk like a drunk auntie at a karaoke bar, so that'll be hard to beat.

'Iris' by the Goo Goo dolls is blasting, the audience all have their phone lights in the air, Laura is whirling around like an actual earth angel. I'm sobbing.

Look at that OUTFIT!
Look at that OUTFIT! Photo credit: MediaWorks

7:20pm: Randell's turn! He's redoing his quickstep from week one, in which he changed the nation's appreciation for leopard print pants forever.

Okay, I'm not emotionally stable enough to watch this footage of Randell and his beautiful family at their beautiful home with their beautiful handmade signs. Unfair to spring this on us without warning, to be honest.

Randell has to go to work at 5am tomorrow! Come on Ryan The Edge boss, cut the guy a break, do you know how sore his feet must be from wearing Cuban heels for 10 weeks?!

"You went from economy to first class!" says Julz in judging. Unsure where the aviation theme has come from, but I'm here for it.

Dai is disappointed at the amount of clothes Randell is wearing, and I'm not saying same, but same. Randell reassures us all he'll lose the waistcoat before the night is out if he escapes elimination.

Three 10s for Randell and Brittany! The first perfect score of the night.

7:14pm: Manu's decided to take another crack at the tango he and Loryn did in week three. He's out for redemption after accidentally sending his partner flying with an over-enthusiastic shove last week. It's not his fault he has massive muscles and a beautiful smile, he's a gentle giant and we all know it. 

This time around, the judges are making lots of references to the track the pair danced to: Bonnie Tyler's 'I Need A Hero'. 

"The good men have not all gone," says Camilla. "Because I'm looking at one right now!" 

Julz says Manu's not a hero, he's a super hero. 

Manu and Loryn score a 29, one off a perfect score! He'll have one more chance tonight to secure a 30 - if he makes it through to the final two. 

7:07pm: Argh! Rachel the judge just came out and did some sort of death-defying floor spin that nearly caused an iconic wardrobe malfunction. If this is how we're starting, I can only imagine where we're headed from here.

The final four appear to have had an extra lashing of that magic DWTS spray tan to enhance their ballroom powers for the finale. Manu Vatuvei, William Waiirua, Laura Daniels and Randell will all dance twice tonight - one reprisal of a previous number, and one brand new show dance.

Manu is up first! Holy moly, they're taking rehearsals so seriously Manu literally just threw Lauren through the roof and sent ceiling tiles raining down everywhere. Medic!

7:05pm: Excuse me, but who gave Sharyn permission to look that phenomenal? I'm actually almost offended by how incredible that purple tulle dress is. Get out of the ballroom and straight to the Met Gala my friend.

Also Dai, I very much enjoy your sparkly jacket and how it matches the glitterball trophy. It's a strong 10 from me.

7:02pm: Oh my giddy aunt, all of the celebrites are back for the opening number! Everyone seems to be adorned in black tassles and it's very sexy. Walter has busted out the finger guns again, Jude Dobson is bumping and grinding. Be still my beating heart. 

Not only is the dancefloor rammed with Kiwi icons, there's a whole mess of them in the audience too. Last year's DWTS champion Samantha Hayes is front and center, looking positively radiant. 

I've also spotted Monty Betham, Josh Kronfeld, Paul Ego and finalist Laura Daniel's partner, comedian Joseph Moore. It's a bloody who's who in here!  

6:50pm: Mon here, coming to you live from the media room at Dancing With The Stars NZ!

Not going to lie, I'm absolutely fizzing about it, but I'll try and remain cool, calm and collected in order to bring you informative, professional updates. 

Just between us, on my way in here I heard some very rowdy chanting coming from the celebrities before they took to the stage - there was clapping, there was yelling, there was likely a soul circle. I only got a glimpse, but I reckon it would have put Beyonce's backstage rituals to shame. 



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