Love Island making men insecure, prompting them to search for personal trainers - survey

The washboard abs, chiselled jaws and glowing tans of the male cast of Love Island UK are having an adverse effect on the self-esteem of some of the men watching at home, according to a new survey.

A poll created by odd jobs website Bidvine showed that of 413 UK-based males that responded, almost two thirds admitted watching the show makes them feel insecure.

The results showed 64 percent of respondents said the negative feelings related to their body image, while 35 percent were concerned about their facial appearance.

The show, in which guys and girls are forced to 'couple up' to avoid eviction, also appears to have an effect on the way in which male audiences view their social standing.

After hearing the male stars of Love Island discuss partying and dating, 44 percent of those surveyed said they felt bad about their life experiences.

There was also evidence of an upsurge in internet searches from the men polled researching services to improve their appearance, with 62 percent claiming they looked up personal trainers.

Male viewers were also searching online into teeth whitening, spray tan technicians and even surgeons.

Ross Morgan, the co-founder of Bidvine, said of the results: "Seeing chiselled bodies on Love Island and the summer months approaching, it is amazing to see how many people are seeking out fitness professionals."

"Don't let a television show dictate how people 'should' look and don't work toward that unrealistic standard. Instead, pursue a healthy lifestyle," he added.