Madonna defends using term 'raped' to describe New York Times interview and album leak

Madonna has defended her use of the term "raped" in regards to an album leak and an article publication.

The pop icon spoke recently with the New York Times, where she told the interviewer the leak of her 2015 album Rebel Heart made her feel "raped".

In the article, the journalist writes, "It didn't feel right to explain that women these days were trying not to use that word metaphorically."

Madonna has hit back at the article, posting her thoughts on Instagram.

"To say I was disappointed in the article would be an understatement," she said on Friday.

"It seems. You can't fix society And it's endless need to diminish, Disparage, or degrade that which they know is good. Especially strong independent women,

"The journalist who wrote this spent days and hours and months with me and was incited into a world which many people don't get to see but chose to focus on trivial and superficial matters….

"I'm sorry I spent five minutes with her. It makes me feel raped. And yes, I'm allowed to use that analogy having been raped at the age of 19."

Her choice of analogy has received backlash on social media, with Twitter users calling her "tasteless" and "misogynistic". 

She has also been accused of getting away with "her problematic garbage".


However, others are supporting the star. Her Instagram post has almost 138,500 likes and commenters are commending her on speaking out against the patriarchy.

"You are and will be the BEST. Natural born fighter!!" writes one man.

"Seems like most of the ageist assholes are women caught up in the patriarchal society of shit. It's time to stop worrying about age and trivial bullshit!!" said another.



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