Millie Elder Holmes recounts stealing her dad's phone and prank calling Winston Peters

Millie Elder Holmes has reminisced about stealing the cell phone of her famous father Paul Holmes and using it to prank call a bunch of MPs in his contact list.

In an Instagram story video, Millie told her 78,600 followers that she and her brother Reuben once hatched a plan to target deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and Don Brash, amongst others.

"It was so funny," she explained.

"Winston Peters and Don Brash were on that list and when we did this prank call... we called up and we were like, 'Winston, I think you're my dad' or something so stupid."

"We were super young," she added.

"We were like, 'we think my mum met you in Rotorua ages ago, and I think you're my dad'."

According to Millie, who now lives in Greece and has her own lifestyle and wellness website, Winston responded in trademark fashion.

"He was like, 'This is nonsense, f**k off' and hung up the phone."

"I don't know if that's a funny story, but I just remember laughing about that so hard as a kid," she said.

"We thought it was gold."

Before signing off, the 31-year-old social media influencer had a moment of realisation about Winston's current status in Government.

"I just realised he's the Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand!" she said.


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