New Charlie's Angels trailer stars Kristen Stewart as you've never seen her before

The trailer for the new Charlie's Angels film brings with it the return of Kristen Stewart to the Hollywood blockbuster scene, but not as we knew her previously.

Gone is the shuffling awkwardness that brought her fame in the Twilight series. Instead, Stewart steals the show in the opening sequence as a blonde bombshell in a pink dress, who, of course, goes on to kick some serious ass - angel style.

Completing the crime-fighting trio is Aladdin's Naomi Scott, and Hunted star Ella Balinska, helmed by Pitch Perfect's Elizabeth Banks, who both stars as Bosley and directed the flick.

Riffing off of the success of the 2000's iterations of the franchise, the trailer is packed with the explosions, fight scenes and fashion moments audiences love about the movies, but with supposedly less objectification of its female leads.

A sassy Stewart cracks wise throughout the clip, as well as donning a number of disguises that see her appear as a hotel maid, personal trainer and a whip-cracking equestrian.

The trailer also features new tracks from Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Ray.