'Notorious' face-tattooed Mongrel Mob member responds to 50 Cent's dig

On Wednesday, US rapper 50 Cent "launched a stinging attack" against a kiwi Mongrel Mob member and his sizeable facial tattoo.

However, the dig has not transpired into a vicious feud - and the gangster's response may pardon him from being the subject of 50's next diss track. 

In a recent interview, Mongrel Mob member Puk Kireka spoke about his 'Notorious' red and black face tattoo, and said he understood that the ink would likely prevent his employment.

He also discussed his journey from an unhealthy lifestyle and meth addiction to his desire to start a healthier way of life.

The article was then picked up by British publication The Sun, which was noticed by 50 Cent. The Get Rich or Die Tryin' star posted a screenshot to his Instagram, which boasts 23.2 million followers, of Kireka's 'Notorious' tattoo.

The rapper captioned the picture with a sarcastic comment about Kireka's admission.

"What the f**k is really going on man. I wonder why he can’t get a job," he wrote, adding a facepalm emoji.

In a surprising turn of events, Kireka has responded to 50's diss - but not in an equally savage, or revenge-seeking way.

The gang member instead offered a "haere mai" to 50 Cent, and said he felt "privileged" to be noticed by the "21 Questions" hitmaker.

His response, captured in a video, shows the Mongrel Mob member extending 50 Cent an invite to Hastings.

"If you've got something to say come over. Unfortunately I can't come to your country 'coz I'm too gangster and my criminal history won't allow me to enter into your country.

"So haere mai, come over to New Zealand, Hawke's Bay, sit down and we'll have a chat... whatever you want to do."

Kireka's video was reportedly sent to Hawke's Bay Today by his Tamatea Club rugby coach Levi Armstrong.

If 50 Cent sees the video, perhaps an impromptu New Zealand tour could be on the way.


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