Outrage over teen kiss in Netflix's first Arabic series

Netflix's first Arabic original series, the supernatural teen drama Jinn, has debuted worldwide with much fanfare, but sparked uproar in Jordan where it is set.

State-run media reported that the thriller's release prompted condemnation from several government officials who vowed to censor it for alleged "lewd scenes" that purportedly violate public morals.

Al-Jazeera reports much of the outrage has focused on two scenes which feature a teenage girl kissing a boy.

Jordan's army website says the cyber-crimes unit is attempting to pull it from Jordanian Netflix.

But it was unclear whether the government would make good on the threats. Netflix Middle East denounced the controversy on Twitter as a "wave of bullying".

In a statement Friday (local time), the streaming service said the show deals with "universal themes" that "can be viewed as provocative". A spokesman said content removals are rare, but that Netflix complies with official requests.

Some social media users pointed out Game of Thrones, which featured full-frontal nudity, incest and group sex, wasn't subjected to the same level of outrage as Jinn.

APTN / Newshub.