Prince William's adorable gift to Jacinda Ardern's daughter Neve

Clarke Gayford has revealed the royal gift given to baby Neve for her first birthday.

In a post to Twitter, Gayford debated whether he should put Prince William's gift to his daughter away "forever" or continue to let her "maul it."

The gift in question is a fitting piece of Kiwiana - a Buzzy Bee, similar to the ones owned by thousands of Kiwis. 

The only difference? This one has an engraved inscription from Prince William.

"Happy Birthday Neve, from Prince William," reads the silver plaque.

"Torn between letting the 1st birthday girl continue to maul this amazing gift or putting it somewhere safe FOREVER," wrote Gayford on Friday.

"Happy Birthday Prince William, what a great shared birthday (I'm pretty sure you win with this)."

Prince William turned 37 years old on the same day baby Neve turned one.

Comments on the post are split between whether Gayford should protect Buzzy Bee or give it to Neve to "maul."

"If that's an expectant little face in the corner HAND IT OVER SIR," wrote one person.

"No one put's baby's bee in the corner."

But another woman said the gift should be treasured.

"Keep it safe and buy her an ordinary one because I absolutely wrecked mine as a kid."



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