Toy Story 4: The gift that keeps on giving

Is any one wondering why there needs to be another Toy Story? Here's the reason why we always need another Toy Story.

Woody and Buzz are back, they have a new chapter in their toy story and they have some new toys on the block to help them tell it.

Enter stage left Veep's Tony Hale as the perfectly-cast voice of Forky.

The toys now belong to gorgeous wee Bonnie and they find themselves welcoming Bonnie's new handy-craft into the toy box.

Forky's a spork and struggling to adapt to his new status as Bonnie's favourite toy. Woody, of course, takes it upon himself to ease the transition for everyone; his child's happiness as always first and foremost.

Here lies the beating heart of this new story, that by putting everyone else's happiness before his own, Woody has had to sacrifice love himself.

Prepare for all your old favourites, brace yourself for everything that Keanu brings as Canadian stuntman Duke Caboom and do not leave your seat until the very end of the credits - it will complete you.

After 25 years, for so many of us, these characters have become family, and with all family life there is laughter and there are tears and there was plenty of both here.

Throw in the added highlights of Forky and Duke Caboom, and what we have is the Toy Story gift that keeps on giving.  

Five stars.