Swingers gear up for 2019's UK sex festival Swingfields

A sex festival that offers 'themed play areas', 'demonstrations' and 'jelly wrestling' will attract hundreds to the British countryside next week.

Swingfields is a three-day outdoor event billed as 'the only UK festival for swingers, LGBT and lifestyle groups'. Alongside the standard DJs, bands and food vendors, guests can utilise four-poster beds set in public locations, or indulge in a foam party.

According to The Mirror, over 700 people will descend on the campsite for this year's event, titled 'Aurora'.

Endorsements for the festival, which was launched in 2013, dub it "three days of hedonistic fun that will blow your mind."

"This event is an absolute MUST DO on any swinger's calendar," another comment read. "There's always lots of naughty fun to be had either in the camping area or in the main arena and at whatever pace suits the individual or couple."

According to the website's FAQ section, revellers can identify the "preferences" of fellow attendees with coloured wristbands.

There's also rules outlined pertaining to the number of single male guests in attendance - no more than 10% of the total number of ticketholders, according to the organisers.

Single men wishing to attend must provide their social media accounts to be vetted to ensure they're "respectful and polite," a necessary measure to ensure the safety of the female guests.

Of course, any festival-goer worth their salt knows how important it is to dress to impress, and thankfully, at Swingfields, anything goes - almost.

"Although the dress code will be very relaxed we will expect bottom halves at least to be covered whilst in the festival arena," the rules on the website state.

The notorious festival was forced into cancellation in 2017 due to "trolls", reports The Mirror. Amid privacy concerns, organisers are keeping the festival's location a closely guarded secret.  Ticketholders won't find out exactly where they're going until 48 hours before the gig.

The Swingfields team insist the event exists to cater to specific lifestyle groups, rather than simply being a "sex festival".

"People have sex in a consenting way at all festivals, in hotels, homes, cars and basically anywhere they choose," the website says.

Tickets for the event, which begins on July 4, range from NZD $327 for couples, through to NZD $800 for a VIP experience.


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