Watch: Dancing With The Stars Randell and Brittany's sexy last show dance revealed

The curtains may have closed on this series of Dancing With The Stars NZ, but the show does go on.

Third Place participants Clinton Randell and Brittany Coleman were unable to perform their show dance during Sunday's Grand Final after Manu and Loryn and Laura and Shae battled for the top spot. However, their seriously saucy last show dance has now been revealed. 

"All four of our finalists had amazing show dances for our GRAND FINAL on Sunday night. Sadly we could only show you two... UNTIL NOW!" Dancing With The Stars captioned a Facebook video of Randell and Brittany's performance on Wednesday afternoon.

"We were lost for words with this stunning performance from #TeamRandell," the caption continued.

The duo's last dance, performed to Ed Sheeran's 'Thinking Out Loud' ballad, was a slow and sexy affair.

Both donned barely-there attire, Brittany in a glittering bodysuit and a white shirt while Randell was clad in coordinating pants and a suitably shirtless top half.

The dancing duo showed off their great performance chemistry as they twisted, turned and twirled across the dancefloor.

Facebook users have responded positively to their last dance, calling it "beautiful" and "gorgeous".

"So happy to see this as was sad for Randell and William [Waiirua] not getting to perform their second dance," one person commented.

"This dance would have been a game changer for sure," said another.

Congratulations to Randell and Brittany for their DWTS journey!


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