'Your finishing wasn't great': The Block NZ's Sophia and Mikaere get schooled by a 10yo Blockaholic

The Block NZ is well and truly back - and this time, the teams are taking on an old firehouse.

For my 10 year old nephew Sam, it's basically Christmas: bringing together his twin loves of Mark Richardson impressions and an admiration for firefighters that began with many episodes of Fireman Sam when he was a wee one.

To call Sam a 'Blockaholic' is somewhat of an understatement. Last year, he was so heavily invested, he could rattle off an entire list of the show's sponsors, which proved to be a great party trick - if somewhat concerning.

With this in mind, who better to interview Sophia and Mikaere, the Turangi husband and wife duo that won the first room reveal of the season with their impressive guest bedroom. 

The couple has a 10-year-old of their own, but that still likely didn't prepare them for Sam's interviewing style: "frank," as Mikaere put it.

Check out the video to see Sam grill the duo about their 'sexy' guest bedroom, shoddy finishing work and the importance of a three-story bunk bed.

The Block NZ: Firehouse airs Monday - Wednesday at 7:30pm and Sunday nights at 7pm on Three.