A$AP Rocky fans call for boycotts of Ikea, Absolut Vodka over rapper's assault charge in Sweden

A$AP Rocky's assault charge in Sweden has led to a call for fans to boycott popular Swedish brands.

The rapper has been in custody since July 3, where some media outlets have reported he's been subjected to "shockingly inhumane conditions".

A raft of celebrities called for Rocky's release, sharing a petition before US President Donald Trump vowed to intervene.

Now fans are vowing not to use popular Swedish brands, such as popular ready-to-assemble furniture giant Ikea, Absolut Vodka, music streaming service Spotify and carmaker Volvo.

"Let me be the first to encourage folks to boycott #ikea until A$AP Rocky is freed," one fan said.

Another pleaded for Trump to not give money and military aid to Sweden.

"Sweden is a big boy and should pay their own way. They don't want to work a deal to free A$AP, and that is very racist of them!"

Not all agreed the rapper should be freed, however.

"Idiots and their #boycottSweden tags, who have no respect for the actual rule of law," one wrote.

"Americans are pissy because you can't buy yourself out of a Swedish prison," another said. "If this guy wasn't famous this wouldn't have even made the news."

Meanwhile, Variety reports that a fan was arrested earlier this week for threatening to blow up the Swedish embassy.


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