Ariana Grande backtracks on 'cruel' joke about murdered child JonBenét Ramsey

Ariana Grande has apologised after prompting outrage with a joke about murdered child beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey. 

The 'Dangerous Woman' singer was bantering with a friend on Instagram after they posted an image of all the magazine covers Ramsey featured on following her untimely death. 

"I can't WAIT for this to be your Halloween look," she replied to Doug Middlebrook. 

Fans quickly spotted the comment and took Grande to task for the remark about the little girl who was found brutally murdered at her parents home when she was six. 

"Ariana Grande and her friend Doug make a joke about the tragic death of a child that was abused, tortured and murdered... so immature and cruel [sic]," one tweet read. 

"Joking about JonBenét Ramsey Halloween costume is distasteful and disgusting." 

"I need people to stop with this strange, very unnerving JonBenét Ramsey obsession," wrote another.  

"Jeffree Star has her tattooed on him. Ariana Grande is endorsing her as a Halloween costume. She is not a character or celebrity. She is a little girl who was murdered. It's cruel and gross." 

"Wait WHAT? An 8-year-old girl who was violently killed, strangled and suffocated cannot be anyone's costume," said one Twitter user, prompting an apology from Grande. 

"Yeah no I deleted it very quickly and understand that it’s not at all funny," Grande wrote. 

"This was out of pocket and I sincerely apologize." 

Some commentators claimed the pop star was only apologising because she had been caught out, claiming the comment had stayed up for at least a day. 

International media outlets have reached out to Grande's representatives for comment. 


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