Aussie Fortnite player pleads guilty to abusing pregnant girlfriend on Twitch livestream

Warning: This article contains graphic content that may distress some people.

Australian Luke Munday pleaded guilty to assaulting his pregnant partner as he live-streamed a game of Fortnite in a court appearance this week.

In December last year, Munday's followers watched on horrified as he appeared to stand up and slap his girlfriend off camera because she wanted him to get off the computer.

The couple's two young daughters could be heard crying in the background as Munday's partner yelled, "You hear that? All you people there, he just hit me in the face".

"I hope all of you people know that I'm pregnant and he just bashed me," she said.

Munday repeatedly hurled verbal abuse at the woman, saying, "f**k off you dog. You don't pay the f**king bills".

Some of the livestream's viewers then phoned the police to report the altercation.

According to Pedestrian, court documents stated Munday confessed to striking his partner in an interview conducted on the night of the incident.

Munday stated he "got angry" when his partner attempted to "grab his stuff". He then stated that he "stood up and slapped her on the cheek", and "grabbed her".

He claimed he thought he "put her on the couch, but it must have been the floor", before "holding her down" because "I wanted to stop her".

Following the incident, Munday's Twitch account, username MrDeadMoth, was permanently banned from the platform.

An Aggravated Violence Order will prevent Munday from seeing or contacting his partner for the next two years.

The couple's third child was born early this year.