Dumb and Dumber fan recreates the Mutt Cutts dog van

A Russian actor and blogger has recreated the memorable dog van from 1994 American movie Dumb and Dumber, taking the fur-covered vehicle to the streets of St Petersburg.

Roman Pritula is such a big fan of the movie that he decided to recreate the famous Mutt Cutts van. He and his team spent three days making and sewing the material for the van, with Pritula's wife sewing the ears for the eye-catching vehicle.

"I wanted to to make it for a while because the movie Dumb and Dumber is one of my favourite movies. I had had the idea for a long time and then the circumstances coincided so it was born, all of a sudden.

"It was not like I had planned it a year ago and then filmed it. No, It was born spontaneously, we came up with it and started to make it literally a week before the shooting."

The van on the streets of St Petersburg.
The van on the streets of St Petersburg. Photo credit: Reuters

Pritula has previously decorated cars with rouble coins and Skittles, to the delight of his 150,000 YouTube followers.

Hit movie Dumb and Dumber starred actors Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels.