'Extremely racist' children's YouTube cartoon slammed as cursed princess turns 'black'

A children's cartoon bedtime story on YouTube has been labelled "disgusting" for a scene in which a cursed princess appears to turn "black" when she loses her beauty.

Dina And The Prince Story, made by My Pingu TV, tells the story of an angel who makes a deal to give up her beauty so she can speak to her husband. 

When the curse takes effect, Dina's skin tone darkens significantly, and her straight hair turns curly. 

"She is not as beautiful. Her glow is gone and her face is scarred," the narrator says, before the princess describes herself as being "ugly". 

At the time of writing, the video has been viewed over 400,000 times, and the comment section is flooded with angry responses to the kid's fairy tale. 

"This video is extremely racist and the fact that a lot of children are watching this makes my blood boil," one person wrote. 

"This channel is disgusting and I’m so sad for young black girls that come across this video," said another. 

One YouTube comment dubbed the stunt "disturbing", adding: "imagine being in 2019 and still trying to perpetuate the stereotype that black women/darker skin tones are ugly and undesirable". 

Meanwhile, some viewers said that content similar to the video in question had created insecurities about their own heritage when they were younger. 

My Pingu TV has more than 719,000 YouTube subscribers. The channel has yet to publicly comment on the controversy. 


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