Fresh Lion King will take a seat on the throne alongside the original

After the first trailer broke the internet, the hype for this new Lion King has been intense.  

Lion King fans, Beyonce fans, Childish Gambino fans, it's a dream made in movie marketing heaven laced with peril. 

A quarter-century worth of love for the Mufasa, Scar, Simba, Nala, Pumbaa Timon Rafiki and Zazu - that's not something to mess with.

From the opening frames, the iconic opening crescendo made obvious the magical musical I was in.

There's been much talk about the incredible photo-realistic computer animation technology director Jon Favreau used to tell his new story. 

At times, it seriously made me wonder whether I was watching a David Attenborough film but instead, on the enormous IMAX screen - it was just astonishing.

But the home run for me wasn't just how The Lion King looked it was how it made me feel. 

I was transported back into the story and the music I love just so so much complete with almost all my favourite moments - but heightened with an extra freshness, more deeply infused personalities and some very rewarding very meta moments - I'm talking to you Pumbaa and Timon -  as they wink and nod so inclusively at their world of fans beyond the savannah. 

The entire thing just filled with me to the brim with so much joy. 

That's almost all you need to know - if you're a fan, you've already bought tickets. This fresh new take will take a seat on the throne alongside your love for the original.

I know I will love them equally, differently and forever.

Honestly? If I could give this new Lion King more than five stars I would. 

I feel obsessed and, bring on the repeat viewings - what they get right they get just so right - and being back at Pride Rock has never felt so good.

Five stars. 


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