Hitler rants about Taika Waititi in hilarious new Jojo Rabbit promo

Taika Waititi appears to have upset Adolf Hitler. 

The Kiwi actor and director plays an imaginary version of the genocidal dictator in his upcoming film Jojo Rabbit.

On Saturday the film's Twitter account uploaded a video of Hitler reacting to the news he'd being portrayed by a Polynesian Jew.

Of course, it's not the actual Hitler - it's Swiss actor Bruno Ganz in 2004's Downfall doing the talking, with humorous subtitles in English.

If that sounds familiar, it's becuase the video meme format is a decade old.

"I thought people were done making fun of Hitler," Ganz' Hitler cries in the new clip. "This meme is over a decade old!"

The video closes with Hitler vowing to make his own Hitler movie.

"Get me whoever directed Thor: Ragnarok," he demands as his loyal followers nervously look at each other.

Jojo Rabbit is out in October. Ganz died in February.