Jason Momoa body-shamed for 'doughy' new dad bod, because the Internet is terrible

In the latest installment of The Many Things Wrong With The Internet Today: people are body-shaming Hollywood actor and pinnacle of aesthetic perfection Jason Momoa for his supposed new "dad bod".

Last week, tabloid magazine Us Weekly posted a shirtless snap of Momoa on holiday. While a bit ethically ambiguous, the paparazzi picture was a ray of muscular sunshine on an otherwise dreary Wednesday.

However, because social media is a twisted place where dreams go to die, some commenters took issue with the Aquaman star's physique.

"OMG, what happened to the abs?" one fan wrote, who I presume has less than three percent body weight themselves. 

"Someone needs to start lifting again," added another, before heading out to collect first place at their local body-building contest, I'm sure.

Others, clearly in need of an urgent eye examination, alleged Momoa was looking a "little doughy" or that he had "let himself go".

Many Momoa fans rushed to defend the Game Of Thrones actor, but perhaps none as eloquently as the woman who wrote simply: "If this is a dad bod... everyone else's must be a damn bloated corpse."

Of course, body-shaming is par for the course in celebrity culture. Female stars have been splashed across magazine covers screaming "cellulite city!" or "wide load!" for decades.

Earlier this week, reality TV star Kim Kardashian opened up about the meme that "broke her" during her pregnancy, in which she was compared to a whale.

While pregnant. Like, actually growing a human. Cool!

Hopefully, lounging poolside with his gorgeous wife and brood of beautiful children, Momoa has remained unphased by the critiques on his tum. In any case, it's a safe bet that the washboard abs will be back for Aquaman 2, so everybody chill out, okay?