Julio Iglesias loses paternity case as Spanish court rules he is the father of 43-year-old man

A Spanish court has ruled that Latin pop star Julio Iglesias is the biological father of a 42-year-old man, despite almost 30 years of denial from the musician. 

On Thursday a Valencia judge finally ruled that 75-year-old Iglesias is the father of Javier Sánchez Santos even though the star has refused to undergo a DNA test. 

The judge's ruling stated "a clear physical resemblance between father and son."

The decision was based on the testimony of Santos's mother, María Edite, a former ballerina. 

Edite said she had a week-long affair with Iglesias in 1975 and fell pregnant with Santos. 

The judge acknowledged evidence that "at the time of conception there was a certain amount of contact between Maria Edite Santos and Julio Iglesias during which time it's not implausible that they had a sexual relationship," reports The Guardian.

In 1992 Santos won a court ruling which declared Iglesias was his father but this decision was overturned.

Santos's lawyer insisted DNA evidence procured by a US detective should re-open the case. 

The detective had gotten hold of a water bottle from which one of Iglesias's legitimate sons, Julio Iglesias Jr had been drinking.

Iglesias has eight other children, including famous pop star Enrique Iglesias.

The DNA test revealed Julio Iglesias Jr and Santos were brothers. The judge did not accept the DNA test as evidence, but ruled in favour of Santos regardless, reports The Guardian.

Iglesias has consistently denied being the father of Santos, and it's understood he will appeal the decision. 



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